500/595 Abarth spoiler extension

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Handcrafted product available in two versions:

- raw in fiberglass (ready to be repainted)

- hook in fiberglass and shell in carbon.

It mounts (sticks) on all the original ailerons (except the two-seater and 695 70th and convertible); therefore for both 500 Abarth and 595 restyling.


In case of exhaustion, it will be ordered with timing depending on the manufacturer (carbon model currently out of production).

The photos on the yellow 500 are from the archive of the fiberglass one with cubication.

painting at an additional price of € 100, 150 for cubication.

The product is handcrafted in fiberglass, therefore like 100% of products of this type, it must be assembled with care by those in the trade.