Roof rack for 500/595

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Bar for 595 and 500 Abarth and 500c or 595c and Fiat 500.

Mounts on the roof of the car using the holes for the coat hangers (which must be removed).


It stiffens the car, especially the convertible, helping with creaking of the roof plastic.

Made of welded high-strength tube and U-bolts secured by M10 screws with self-locking nut. Supplied with special screw and nut for fixing in the headrest hole.

Fits on both convertible and normal models.

Painted in glossy red or glossy black.


For those who don't have a coat hanger, you need to make a C-bracket to weld onto the roof pillar.

For those who have the coat hanger screwed on, it is easily screwed with a nut already installed on the car.

For those who have the plastic coat hanger mounted by rotating it 90 degrees, it is necessary to use a threaded nut which is installed in the frame of the upright and remains stuck.