Fiat 500 front powerflex front arm bushes

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Pair of POWERFLEX front bushes for front arm for Fiat 500 On your vehicle it is now possible to fit Powerflex blocks, a very vast and technologically advanced range built with enhanced polyurethane for suspensions. They last at least 10 times longer than rubber mounts and in the first year of use you can save the cost of rubber bushings. Powerflex offers greater safety with improved braking stability and grip even in traction. The advanced polyurethane compound overcomes the common problem of noise. In fact, the special engineering of the compound is approximately 25-30% stiffer than new rubber bushings, but with exactly the same noise absorption properties. Powerflex, where necessary, uses stainless steel inserts, therefore completely eliminates the corrosion which is the main cause of the original plugs. Easy to apply, Powerflex anchors come with a special silicone and complete instructions.

Kit for left + right arm

Cod. PFF16-501/502


In case of exhaustion, they will be ordered with timing depending on the manufacturer