Castelletto cambio Bonalume

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Gear shifter in black anodized aluminum machined from solid.

Castle for quick and easy couplings, perfectly interchangeable with the original, there is no need to drill or cut the plastic of the cabinet around the castle. 

You can reuse the original knob or you can use any Abarth or Black knob for 595 as the rod has a double internal and external thread (for the Biposto knob you need to buy the specific adapter).

Supplied without knob and cap.

Fits on all 500 Abarths or 595s or 695s (excluding the model with Bacci gearbox) 

To avoid changes to the aesthetic parts, the center of the lever has been moved to the right by 1.2 cm.

Forward Reverse Race Stroke:

  • In position number 1 = 7.9 cm
  • In position number 2 = 6.2 cm
  • the lateral run = 5 cm

Lower cabinet, cover, leather cover, knob and everything else will remain original without any modifications to be made.

Assembly exactly like the original, so even the connection joints between the ropes and the castle always remain the original ones. 

No maintenance and limited games even over time.

All the movements of the lever to perform the couplings are guaranteed by a large aluminum sphere enclosed between two half-shells in special self-lubricating thermoplastic, which envelops the sphere at 360 degrees, preventing play in all directions.

Replacing the new castle with the original castle is completely reversible and leaves no trace.

Instructions can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website via QR code.

Manufacturer : Bonalume  P/N CLM