Complete carbon fiber cover for Fiat-Abarth 500 steering wheel airbag

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Cover in real carbon fiber to be applied by gluing onto the original steering wheel cap. 

Fits both pre restyling and restyling (including Fiat).

It is applied by gluing or using double-sided tape


the classic model covers the chrome present (produced in an autoclave)

the other artisanal variations:

- The "uncovered" model leaves the entire central emblem free including its chrome frame.

- The “twill” model is created with carbon and linen for coloring.

- The full model does not have the carving for the coat of arms, therefore purchasing it entirely.


Items made to order except the classic model generally in stock

Archive photo by Marco Justin Capelli - abarth channel 

contact us for inquiries directionality plot (generally from left to right)

item for aesthetic display use due to the airbag