BMC air intake filter

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BMC sports air filter for all 500 Abarth models.

Available in the panel or cone version (for direct suction)


Specifiche cono:  dimensioni (mm): Ø1 : 70 | Ø2 : 115 | L : 173 , codice BMC: FBSA70-128



BMC produces some of the best filters in the world.

BMC Air Filter is the world leader in the production of high-performance air filters and intake systems.

The panel filter is installed in the original air box of the car, replacing the original filter.

It is built with high-performance materials that allow an increase in air flow to the engine compared to the original paper or sponge air filter.

The rubber used in BMC filtration systems is practically non-deformable over time and has excellent adhesion characteristics to any shape of air box.

The filter element is made up of an aluminum mesh treated with epoxy resin to ensure protection from fuel vapors and oxidation due to humidity in the air and layers of special cotton soaked in low viscosity mineral oil to improve the filtration efficiency without compromising air flow permeability.

BMC filters are WASHABLE and REGENERABLE using the appropriate washing kit.