Closed fog light grille 595 Abarth restyling

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Vents (pair) closed for fog light removal on 500 Abarth restyling (post 2016).


They apply instead of those on your mask.


the original base version is installed in the same way as the original one on the car.

the resin version has support hooks for gluing and self-tapping screws 


Two models available:

- on an original basis

- full fiberglass

Both supplied raw (you must proceed with the pre-painting preparation phases). The fiberglass version, as it is handcrafted, may require some precautions to be taken during assembly (it is important to prepare it properly to discover the material, etc.).





archive photos to see the finished product after painting or cubing.


installation to be carried out only by professionals in the sector.



For more photos you can find dozens of them on the Farina Carrozzeria Instagram (or Facebook) page


like any artisan product, it must be tested with the installer before any painting. It is possible that there are sanding procedures to be carried out (normal in the pre-painting and primer steps) and finishing.

production time dependent on the replenishment times of the original mask (stellantis)