595 Abarth tow hook pin

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PIN FOR TOW HOOK 595 RESTYLING (also available pre restyling)


Pin for tow hook with 15 mm diameter hole and 16 mm thread towards the vehicle.

Galvanized steel pin specific for 595 or 500 Abarth.

Total length 120 mm - useful length 90 mm

(we recommend the recently manufactured Sparco tow hook with the small metal plate that fits easily into the cap).


High-strength galvanized steel pin to protect it against bad weather.

It allows you to easily mount the Sparco tow hook on the 595 or 500 Abarth, especially for the restyling version (for the pre-restyling version it tends to enter the bumper a lot). 


It screws into the tow hook hole.

There is no need to drill anything.

Supplied with self-locking nut.

It can be installed in a few minutes using a 22 mm spanner to lock the hook to the pin and everything to the crossbar. To disassemble it, all you need is an Allen key.


Not approved for road use.


Recommended to remove the bumper for installation with sabelt towing