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FIAT 500 and 595 Abarth - 1.4 T-Jet engine

The need for this product did not arise solely from the request for a racing product, but rather from the actual problem of the original valve installed in the tjet engines of the Abarth-Fiat-Alfa-Lancia group. Which, being a diaphragm, does not withstand the high pressure and temperature peaks as required, causing it to break and at the same time affecting the performance of the engine both during acceleration and at full speed (drops in power during acceleration).


Sometimes the problems manifest themselves even in the presence of a healthy diaphragm, but with higher turbine pressures (after control unit programming). With this in mind, Bonalume thought of creating three power pop off models:

REB1: internal exhaust (silent) 

RESwitch: version with switch that contains both solutions using a manual lever 

RES1: external exhaust (noisy)



The characteristics of the valve are decidedly very high, which in addition to being plug and play both in the mechanical and electrical and electronic parts, has some prominent characteristics related to the original product: no closing membrane but piston in plastic material for very high temperatures (over 270° so no possibility of breakage) Low consumption and very high efficiency electromagnet (opening and closing times reduced by 20%) Guaranteed and tested operation at 3 bar with 170° inlet air temperature. Entirely made of automotive aluminum with very low lead content and anodized. Stainless steel support bracket, useful in those cases where the valve is installed near the battery, in the presence of sulfuric acid vapors or regurgitations.

Rotatable 360° on the support bracket for better positioning during installation.

IP6 watertight electrical connector and valve/solenoid body