Sabelt 500 lowered seat support (brackets).

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Support that allows the Sabelt seat to be lowered by 26 mm. 


In this way even taller people can sit comfortably inside the 595 Abarth (not at all)!

Including belt branch support.

Support entirely made of welded sheet metal and painted black. 

Replaces the original support for the Sabelt seat (Sabelt seat only).


To assemble it, you need:

- remove the seat from the car

- dismantle the original seat support by unscrewing the Torx screws 

- remove the slide that allows the seat to be moved forward from the support 

- remove the side belt branch. Reassemble everything. 

In the end the seat will be approximately 26 mm lower and the seat will also be optimized for taller people!!

easy installation, it can be done in the garage if necessary with care in being precise in inserting the bolts into the original seats



Made in Italy.

Some photos refer to the passenger side support.

L/H Support Bracket Sabelt



In case of exhaustion, it will be ordered with timing depending on the manufacturer